Version 1.1 of HD View Utilities Released

Today we’ve posted a new version of the HD View Utilities.  Thank you to everyone who has given us feedback in the past few weeks.  Most of the changes are based on bugs and suggestions sent to us by users.  Many people have requested a GUI front end.  We do have plans to make this available as well as a Photoshop plugin.  But we wanted to make the following changes available asap, so for now we’re still all stuck with the command line.  Below are details on the main updates.  As before please do send us feedback on this release.

Planar tiffs, monochrome tiffs, 16bit tiffs and tiff zip compression now supported

We’ve received many example files over the last few weeks that didn’t work with hdmake 1.0.  The addition of these features covers most of these cases.  Planar tiffs seem to be popular with the geotiff community so we added support for that.  We’ve also added support for 16bit tiffs as input, but hdmake still converts the output HD Photo tiles to 8bit.  But, do stay tuned for proper 16bit support throughout the pipeline including in HD View. 

Very Large tiffs now supported in hdmake

The tiff io library we were using had a bug that prevented hdmake from reading very large tiff files (those > 20K pixels on a side).  Of course since HD View is all about large images this needed to be fixed quickly.  We have switched to using Sam Leffler’s libtiff library and now images up to the limit of the file format should work.  Thanks to Bradford Bohonus for testing this for us. 

Above is a Panoscan 43223×9000 image processed through the new tool, available for HD Viewing at

Simplified command line arguments and added better error messages

There were some unnecessarily complicated command line parameters.  The new version is a bit simpler with no loss of functionality.  We’ve also fixed the bug in the -xmlflat command line arg.

Improved example web page and javascript

The example web page and associated javascript have several improvements.  The example page now features a ‘save this view’ button.  This allows users of your page to copy and share a permalink for the current viewing parameters.  The install procedure is now a bit friendlier.  Under IE, if a user doesn’t have the HD View control installed there may be a long delay (especially on slower connections) before any prompt to install the control appears.  The new script detects that the control is not present and displays some html that provides more information about the install process to the user.  Finally, all of the hdview javascript is now encapsulated in its own ‘class’ to avoid any namespace type conflicts when mashing this up with other script.


 Install page and Save Specific View button now in example code

The javascript source is provided as part of the utilities package.  If you need to do something custom please do use this as an example starting point.  However, we believe that most page developers should be able to directly reference the script from the site.  The new example page does this.  There are several advatanges to this.  First, bug fixes in the script are now immediately available to users of your site.  Second, when a new HD View control is available we can simply change the version number in the centralized script and end users will be prompted to download it. 

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