Congratulations to

 The team there has generated the largest panoramic image yet.  They’ve provided both Zoomify and HD View versions.  If you choose to install HD View and try out both experiences I’d love to hear comments on the pros and cons of each.  I just tried this at full-screen on a 30" Dell monitor and HD View hardware acceleration was definitely a plus. 

I really enjoy discovering things when browsing large images like this.  When we first did our 3.7GPix Seattle image (that sounds small now) we ran a contest internally at Microsoft to see who could be the first to find several details in the image that we had selected.  The winners got Espresso coupons.  Below I took two "snapshots" from the Harlem image.  See if you can find them (sorry no Espresso, just for fun).  The guys at harlem-13-gigapixels tell me they’ll add a permalink button to their HD View site on Monday, so I’ll post the links to these then.


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