Latest HD View Favorites

I have posted some great new HD View examples on our favorites page:!175&encType=1

Thanks to the contributing professional photographers:

Also thanks to the Microsoft employees that have been beta testing our internal Microsoft Research Image Stitcher and getting some great results:

  • Adrian Watkins created a Wellington, New Zealand HD View.   As described here, this was composed of 160 8MP images automatically stitched together.
  • Michael Fischer has been creating some great panos from his excursions into Washington State’s Cascade Mountains.  For example his recent HD View of the Enchantments Peaks.
  • And the HD View team has been dabbling as well.  For example this image of Sather Tower on the Cal campus, taken during a break during the recent IVRPA conference.

I very much enjoyed exploring all of these.  Large immersive images are a great way of browsing and sharing the world.  HD View and Photosynth are two technologies that enable this.   Another technology developed by our group is the MSR stitcher.  This tool generated the last three examples above, and will soon be freely available to anyone.  The Windows Live team has just announced the WL Photo Gallery that includes our stitching technology.  A nice write up of the feature is available on cnet.


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