Entire East Side of Berlin Wall in HD View

Bradford Bohonus just posted a great new HD View example on his site.  He has stitched 500 pictures that together capture the entire east side of the Berlin wall.   Below is a "virtual photograph" I took on his site.  Click on the image to explore the wall in HD View in its entirety.  I like his use of a cylindrical surface even though this is really a flat data set. 


On his project page Bradford describes how the image was captured and created.  It’s interesting that he notes that he took these images back in 2002, but the tools to create and view the result have just recently become available.  I’m sure that many people have panoramic data sets sitting on their hard drives or as prints in shoeboxs.  Simple things like better file formats and computers with more memory are helping to make this imagery trickle onto the web.  New  automatic image matching algorithms, ubiquitous fast Internet and novel ways to display images, will hopefully unleash a torrent of this untapped data onto the web.


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One Response to Entire East Side of Berlin Wall in HD View

  1. Michael says:

    Wow. That was amazing. It\’s kinda similar to PhotoSynth in a way. It\’s absolutely awesome. It\’s awesome to think of the capabilities for displaying images. This is truly cool. 

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