Photoshop Export Plugin Available

We’ve just made available an export plugin for Photoshop that generates HD View content.  Below is a screen capture of the plugin in action.  The exporter generates an HD View tile set from an RGB/8 image opened in Photoshop.  It also creates the xml manifest necessary for HD View and an example web page.  The download site is here, and a more detailed description of the plugin is available here.  Note that this is currently only available for Windows and we recommend Photoshop 7 or above.  




In the same install package we’ve also updated the hdmake tool.  The updates to hdmake have been mainly driven by feature requests from users. 

  • Bernhard Vogl recently posted about his "Sliced Gigapixel Panorama Rendering".  We’ve made a corresponding feature available in hdmake.  You can now specify a ‘sliced’ source image set instead of a single source image.  See the -srcgrid argument in the help.
  • We’ve also addressed most of the requests made by george5558 on the HD view forum.  (a) hdmake will now generate a web page, (b) if lossless is requested then the convert lossless pyramid step is no longer done, (c) a few more stats are output during the conversion.

Thanks for the good suggestions and do keep them coming.


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4 Responses to Photoshop Export Plugin Available

  1. Benjamin says:

    This makes me wish I had Photoshop.  How about a plug-in for Windows Live Photo Gallery?  I\’ve been using that program to create panoramas; it would be nice to be able to easily create HD Views out of those panoramas.

  2. John says:

    I have put together a few Hubble high resolution HDView images that you may enjoy. SpikowskiPanoTools Admin. Support

  3. Thomas says:

    Hi Matt,the download page with the photoshop plugin didn\’t work: or Is there an alternative URL?Best regards, Thomas

  4. Matt says:

    Thomas, Thanks for letting me know. The page should be back up now.

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