MSNBC uses HD View to cover the Detroit Auto Show


Today MSNBC launched a great HD View collection from the North American International Auto Show.  The collection is being promoted as HD Images on the MSNBC front page or you can click here ( to go directly to the slide show.  John Brecher of MSNBC shot the source material which required some panoramic stitching.  The media team at MSNBC then used the Windows Live Photo Gallery stitching technology in order to create the final HD View experiences. 

Make sure to click on the previous/next arrows below the HD View pane to see each of the scenes.  I just spent some time exploring them and I felt like I got a really good feel for the show.  Some of my favorites are:


  • The Lexus lounge.  HD View lets you zoom far enough in that you can read the small billboard describing the new Prius Plug-in Hybrid.
  • I enjoyed exploring the exposed chassis from both the Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1, and the Subaru Forester.  In both cases you could probably zoom into more details in the HD View than if you were actually at the show.
  • The crowd scenes of Ford unveiling several new vehicles in the Cobo Arena and the scenes of journalists milling about the floor.  Remember these HD View scenes are composed of lots of source images.  I like these two examples because they show off how well the WLPG stitcher automatically seams around moving subjects when assembling the sources images.


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One Response to MSNBC uses HD View to cover the Detroit Auto Show

  1. S says:

    However if I wasn\’t already an HD View user, I would not have known that there was any way to zoom in or pan.

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