HD View at an NFL game

Congrats to the Patriots and Giants for making it to the Super Bowl.  But I’m going to rewind two weeks to relish the time that our local Seattle Seahawks were still in the playoffs.  The following pictures were shot by Seattle photographer Bradford Bohonus and he tells me that this is the first time VRs have been shot on the field at an NFL game.  Here is some more info from Bradford about how he shot:

"I shot it with the new Nikon D300 using 10.5mm on a monopod (tripods are not allowed on the field during a game). With some of the shots, I held the monopod over my head for a higher perspective (about 12ft)."

You can check out the HD View at: http://www.bohonus.com/pages/ms_hdview.php  scroll down to the NFL Playoffs thumbnail.  You can also directly access the full-screen version here: http://www.bohonus.com/hdview_pans/hdviewer.php?hdvr=seahawks  I really enjoyed browsing this imagery, from the play on the field, to the scoreboard, to the skyscrapers in Seattle, to the fans, to Taima the Hawk – it’s all there in this one HD View.

Bradford has also posted some other VRs from the game in Flash and QTVR format here:  http://www.vrseattle.com/pages/browse.php?cat_id=912



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