Hourly HD View at European Ski Resorts

The French company Shaktiware has just launched two camera rigs that automatically generate a 120MP HD View every hour.  Francois from Shaktiware tells me that the robot camera scans the scene in about 2 minutes.  This is followed by an automatic process that assembles the multiple source images and uploads the result to their servers.

  1. visit the Coll Blanc resort in Andorra:  http://www.neos360.com/saetde/collblanc360/  or (access HD View directly)
  2. see a 360 view of the Punta Bagna gondola at Valfrejus ski resort in France: http://www.neos360.com/valfrejus/punta_bagna/ or (access HD View directly).  You can also read the description on the Valfrejus resort site here (en Français).

I’m hoping to see more cameras from Shaktiware come online soon.  If you’re in that part of the world it would be fun to send us a message via the camera.   Did anyone see the marriage proposal done on the time lapse camera at the Apple store in Manhattan (see here and here).  Seems like you could do something similar with this setup – hold up a different sign at each camera position.


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1 Response to Hourly HD View at European Ski Resorts

  1. Filipe says:

    I\’ll have to check them later because the visibility is zero at this moment.

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