Amazing new Gigapixel imagery from xRez


Our friends over at xRez have written an interesting article that appears today in vrmag.   The article describes a very large photography project that xRez did for (a real estate web site).  As Greg recounts in the article, hired them to shoot Gigapixel "slice of life" images from around the country.  All told the project yielded 1.08 petapixels of new imagery.



The links above contain some amazing new imagery.  The "slice of life" aspect of this photography really comes across in this image of Gas Works Park in Seattle.  Another thing that I take from this article is that xRez has demonstrated that rapid production of large immersive imagery is now feasible.  One field that I think could benefit from this is Internet based journalism.  The Internet news site that can publish this type of imagery in near real-time would be much better able to tell certain stories.  xRez’s shot of the Minneapolis I35W bridge taken 3 weeks before it collapsed brings this point home.

It turns out that this is just a small sampling of the imagery captured for  Unfortunately has not yet published the remainder.  A quick search yields this article from July 2007 where "Gigapixel Neighborhood Views" were announced.  I’m hoping to see these show up on their site sometime in the near future.



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One Response to Amazing new Gigapixel imagery from xRez

  1. Filipe says:

    That\’s an interesting article.I have to cope with constant movement on my shots, i never thought about the logistics of capturing apparent easy shots

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