Embedding HD View in PowerPoint

The Beta 3 version of HD View can be embedded in a PowerPoint slide.  Below are a few easy steps to do that in PowerPoint 2007.

1) Make sure that you have HD View for Internet Explorer (as opposed to the Firefox plugin) on your machine.  If you don’t yet have it, go here: http://research.microsoft.com/research/downloads/Details/63888522-375b-49b5-a8a0-5cb308deb5c5/Details.aspx

2) Enable the developer tab in the ribbon.  Instructions for that are here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb608625.aspx

3) Go to the slide that you want to embed HD View in.  Click the Developer tab and click on the “More Controls” button as show here:


4) Select “HD View Control” in the “More Controls” list that pops up


5) This will give you a cross cursor.  Drag the cursor on the slide to indicate the desired size and position of the HD View region on your slide.  Then right click on selected region and select “Properties” from the menu as below


6) This will bring up the Properties list for HD View (the properties are defined here).  At a minimum you need to set the FileName as in the screen shot below:


That’s it.  Note the control will not load until you go into slide show mode.

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2 Responses to Embedding HD View in PowerPoint

  1. James says:

    I am unable to see HD view in more controls menu power point 2010 after installing HDview In my 2007 and 2003 version is no problem. any suggestions.

  2. Eric Stollnitz says:

    Works for me with Office 2010, PowerPoint version 14.0.6106.5005 (32-bit). Perhaps you have the 64-bit version of Office, which might not work with HD View. You can check the version of PowerPoint by selecting the File tab in the ribbon, then clicking on “Help” in the left column. Look for “About Microsoft PowerPoint” on the right.

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