Gerard Does It Again

Last year I blogged about a 13 gigapixel image of Harlem done by NYC based artist Gerard Maynard.  The image was pretty well referenced on the web, lots of diggs, well watched on youtube, and over a million views on  This past spring I was fortunate to meet Gerard as part of the Yosemite Extreme Pano project.  While I was only spending a few short days in Yosemite for the project, I remember being jealous that Gerard had given himself a whole week to shoot the valley.  He put that time to good use.  Today Gerard unveiled his latest project called yosemite-17-gigapixels.  The name probably gave it away – yep this image is even more detailed than the Harlem picture.  Gerard says it is the largest known stitched panorama.  Below is a screen shot of the site.  The Glacier Point image shown here is the 17 gigapixel monster.  But, be sure to also click on the other names along the bottom, these links lead to other Yosemite views that are all pretty impressive.



The HD View team helped in a small way with the production of this.  Gerard used our Photoshop plugin to generate both the Silverlight and HD View options on the site.  The "View in HD View SL" link on the site is a Silverlight viewer that uses Deep Zoom technology.  I encourage you to compare the SL experience with the site’s "View in Zoomify" option.  I think most will agree that SL with Deep Zoom is a much more immersive and fluid experience than Zoomify.


Congrats Gerard.



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One Response to Gerard Does It Again

  1. Walter says:

    For the everyday joe..i am getting so confused with HD view, deepzoom, photozoom, ICE, Deep Zoom Composer, Live photogallery….

    If I want to make a gigapixel like image…which of these would I use
    & where would I store it online for free so I could link it to
    facebook for family and friends to see?I\’m not a novice but this whole set of imaging (including photosynth) seem like a scatterbrained disparate bunch of packages that should be but under some sort of umbrella…is there one? I know this here is beta that here is labs…dah dah dah…but some sort of master Microsoft website that encopasses everything imaging/video linking to all the betas, the full releases, the blogs…I can\’t tell you how many tabs I have open at the moment that are concerning MS imaging products. my head hurts and i\’m closing my browser ;)thnx Wally

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