Alexa, age 7, creates a panoramic photo

I saw a new “I’m a PC” commercial running during American Idol this week.  I’m pretty biased, but I really like this commercial.  Having been very involved in the development of this technology, I know that under the hood it is quite complex.  What this commercial brings home for me is that through the power of software, we have managed to hide all this complexity from the user and boil it down to, in Alexa’s words, “squishing all my little pictures into one big one.”  Video: The Rookies: Alexa, Age 7

And here are some real-world examples of novices creating panoramic photos using Windows Live Photo Gallery:

All of this reminds me of why I work at Microsoft.  While it’s been great to get positive peer reviews on the underlying technology that we develop (for example, see the photography-related publications on Rick Szeliski’s page), what really excites me is putting this technology to use in Microsoft products and enabling millions of people to do something new with their PCs.


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2 Responses to Alexa, age 7, creates a panoramic photo

  1. Michael says:

    Very well put, Matt. Nice post.

  2. JP says:

    squish — (l) it. -JP

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