HD View 3.2 Released

Today we are releasing an update to HD View, HD View SL, and the associated creation tools (hdmake, and Photoshop plugin).  There are plenty of great new features in this update.

The Deep Zoom Format

HD View content had a slightly different format than Silverlight’s Deep Zoom.  As of this update that is no longer the case.  We have standardized on the Deep Zoom format.  This has a bunch of advantages.  The first is that in almost all cases(1) content that you generate for HDView will now also be viewable in the cross platform Silverlight and on your iPhone.  We have also started porting HD View completely to Silverlight, the name of that project is, surprisingly, HD View SL.  The SL version doesn’t have all of the HD View features, but we plan to close this gap in the future.  For now the default web pages that are generated by the updated hdmake and Photoshop plugin will use HD View on Windows and HD View SL on Mac.  This will allow everyone to see your content.  As before you can also use hdmake and the Photoshop plugin to create web pages that uniquely use Silverlight regardless of client platform. 

Eric Stollnitz, the developer working on HD View SL, has created a nice side-by-side comparison page of the two projects as they stand today.  Notice as you pan and zoom in one pane the view is synchronized in the other pane.  This is a good way to see the benefits of the advanced HD View features like tone-mapping and color management (we hope to see these features in Silverlight in the future).  It’s also a good example of how to use the HD View (SL) javascript API.


We’ve updated our embed codes so that you can now embed HD View in spaces.live.com, blogger.com, or any other blogging service that accepts <iframe> tags from the live.com domain.  When embedded in a blog your content shows up as described above – using HD View on Windows and SL on Mac.  Here’s an example embed …


For more info on how to use embedding  please see our instructions page.  Included there are detailed instructions for a variety of ways to use HD View on your blog, including how to show KML photo-overlays, Zoomify content, and even Windows Live Photo Gallery panoramas stored on Flickr.

New Toolbar including Full Screen Mode


We’ve added a new vertical toolbar in the top-right corner that is common between HD View and HD View SL.  Included in this toolbar are buttons for full-screen mode, reset view, zoom in and zoom out.  The old HD View toolbar is also still present and as always has buttons to control panning mode, tone-mapping mode and lens mode. 



.zip tile archives

A big pain when generating HD View or Deep Zoom content is the many thousands on tiny image files that get generated.  These are particularly cumbersome when they need to be copied one-by-one up to a web server.  We found that many people were creating zip archives of these tile sets in order to facilitate transfer to their servers.  In the latest tools we’ve added the feature to directly create a zip file for the tiles.  This eliminates the step of having to generate a zip file yourself, and eliminates those thousands of individual files on your disk.  In addition, for local preview(2), HD View can read the tiles directly out of the zip archive.

Matt Uyttendaele

the fine print:

(1) HDR and 16bit images are still HDView only.  Also wide-gamut images will be converted to sRGB by our utilities for cases where HD View SL is selected. 

(2) HD View SL cannot do local preview when the tiles are stored in a zip file.

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2 Responses to HD View 3.2 Released

  1. Unknown says:

    Looks great Matt! I am glad to see the HD View features filtering into SL.

  2. chan says:

    I am now using gigapan viewer to view my gigapixel photos hosted in GoDaddy using WordPress. (http://peterchanphoto.com/) I would like to try using HD View. However, the example you gave seems to assume the gigapixel photos are hosted at Silverlight services. Would you please give an example of using HD View in my situation (I am not a technical person)? I have already used Microsoft Image Composite Editor to output HD View Tileset. I am using the following code in my blog:<embed type="application/x-shockwave-flash" src="http://gigapan.org/viewer/PanoramaViewer.swf?url=http://peterchanphoto.com/gigapixel/Student Union.data/tiles/&suffix=.jpg&startHideControls=0&width=31899&height=14221&nlevels=8&cleft=0&ctop=0&cright=31899.0&cbottom=14221.0", height="500" width="100%">Thanks in advancePeterpeterchanws@hotmail.com

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