HD View Utilities Update 1.11

We’ve just released a long overdue update to the HD View Utilities.  This package includes the hdmake command line utility and the HD View Photoshop Plugin.  The important changes in the 1.11 update are:

  • Fixes export issues on Windows 7/Vista SP2.
  • Support for 64bit version of Photoshop
  • A 64bit version of hdmake
  • Multi-core processing
  • Specification of source imagery in hdmake via a text file as requested on the forum by scrambler.  See the help page for the srcgridfile option.
  • The Photoshop plugin and hdmake support Autopano and ICE panorama metadata.



I’ve mentioned on this blog in the past that Windows Live Photo Gallery (WLPG) and Microsoft ICE stores custom metadata that describes the projection  surface and field-of-view of a panorama.  Unfortunately there is no industry standard for storing this information in image files.  It turns out that Autopano also stores this information (in a different custom tag) within rendered panoramas.  When post processing panoramas (e.g in Photoshop) that are destined for an interactive viewer it is very useful to maintain this metadata.  So, in the latest Photoshop plugin if your source imagery contains Autopano, ICE, or WLPG metadata then you will see the “Metadata Projection/Extents found” message appear in the plugin.  This will then be used to auto-populate the fields in the ‘Projection’ section of the plugin.

If you perform any resizing operation in Photoshop, such as crop or scaling, then these values will no longer be valid and the message will change to “… Projection Extents don’t match image size…”.  In this case you’ll be left to fill the boxes in manually.

The metadata workflow is a test for the next major feature that we release, which is “Upload to Photosynth” from Photoshop.  It is important to have the extents correct for the Photosynth viewing experience. It would be great to get feedback, in the comments below or on the forum, about how best to maintain panorama projection and FOV information through post-processing.

The 64bit version installer is available here and 32bit here.


The HD View Team – Howard Good, Matt Uyttendaele

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