Panorama Stitching on your iPhone

The Photosynth team today released a beautiful new app for the iPhone.  This lets you interactively create panoramas directly on your iPhone.  When you enter the app it will show you an interactive preview of what you are capturing – very useful to make sure that you’ve captured everything you want.  Then you hit “Finish”, and it renders out a seamlessly stitched result that you can upload to a variety of web services.

Of course, you can upload to to get a full immersive viewing experience, but you can also upload a flat version of the image directly to Facebook.  In either case this app allows you to share your panorama just moments after capturing it.

The app nicely complements the rest of the panorama creation tools available for Photosynth.  At the high end, we offer the Photoshop plugin, which lets you create and edit a panorama with whatever tools you want.  For a more automated solution on the PC, we offer Microsoft ICE with direct uploads to Photosynth.  And now for the mobile phone, we’re making this app available.  In addition to creating panoramas, the app is also a great way to view them.  For any panorama that you’ve created using any of the tools above, you can now use the app to view them on the iPhone as a fully interactive surround-video experience.

The Photosynth app is available now for iOS (iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 4th generation, and iPad 2) in the iTunes App Store.

Matt Uyttendaele

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2 Responses to Panorama Stitching on your iPhone

  1. Ian Ringrose says:

    Is there a WP7 version?

    (Bulding this into the WPF image capture task would be great in the long term!)

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