Image Watch Version 1.5 Released

We are excited to announce the latest update to Image Watch (Version 1.5). Image Watch is our Visual Studio plug-in for debugging C++ image processing applications. It adds a new control to Visual Studio that displays images in memory as you step through your code in the debugger.


Inspecting an in-memory edge image (at 64x magnification) while debugging.

The latest update includes a number of bug fixes and new features inspired by user feedback in the Image Watch Q&A. For example, pixel values are now shown as text on the pixels themselves when zoomed in all the way (see screenshot). We also added support for visualizing custom bit depth integer formats and 16bit float format. The complete list of changes can be found in our release notes.

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1 Response to Image Watch Version 1.5 Released

  1. Royi Avital says:

    Are you still improving and supporting JPEG-XR implementation?
    Why don’t you push support into Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome?

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